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Cartoon Girls

It only gets better from the start,
But cartoon girls will break your heart.
Illusions of what could be
Always have deluded me.
Cartoon girls are never free.
First your heart and then a ring.
Must be something I can’t see
Cause real women just ain’t my thing.
Those cartoon girls me oh my
Their the apple of my blood red eye.
All little makeup here, a tattoo there
high heels, short skirts and oh their hair!
Eyes that shine like neon lights
And the gap between tan thighs.
Oh cartoon girls are the best,
You can just keep the rest.
One could surely be enough
To break me down I’m just not that tough.
Cartoon girls will break your heart
But its so much fun when you start.

It doesn’t show, but you should know…

For all the hateful things that i say
And the promises that i break.
For all the lashings that you take
Some times i fear i should have stayed away.
And i know it’s not ok
To take and take and take.
And for all the smiles you had to fake.
For every damn mistake.
For every silence that i break
For all the biting comments you shake.
I fear i should have stayed away.
For every time i curse your name
For all tunes i write in vain.
For all of the sorrow and the shame
The times i didn’t feel the same.
For every time i didn’t keep pace
For all tears that don’t reach your face.
For pushing you away
And the things that i never say.
Thank you for putting up with all of it
My manic depressive bullshit.
I’m sorry.
And though i don’t know why
With my moods changing all the time.
I’m glad you stayed
And keep me from drifting away.
Though it doesn’t show on my face
I’m thankful every single day.

there is comfort in knowing your love, still and silent as the night, you touch me tenderly as though a slight of hand. some fool’s magic, but no. i lie awake to watch you dream, hoping i live within your dreams. when joy spreads upon your lips i long to stay within the corners of your mouth. there was a time i didn’t know your worth, before i saw the shine beyond your eyes. before mine did sparkle only when upon yours. now you are mine. and i won’t let you escape the cage my heart did trap you in, because i will forever be in the throws of you, writing fancy words just to show you my heart. -bebt&b

Agony In The Irony

there is agony in the irony

that you found someone better than me

beyond the pleasantries and what could be

there is agony in the irony

and i don’t miss you because what’s there to see

in the eyes of someone who forgot about me

now don’t be shy

i’ve gotten by

and in truth i’m not hurt just spent

trying to forget

but still seeming to find something behind all of the mess. -bebt&b


The Black Keys on No Reservations may have made my week… bebt&b

For my Youtube Lovlies

If you’re here it is more than likely because of my contest… Expect several more! I have one coming up for hallows eve that should be fun, fun, fun! And my birthday is in December so look out for something big! Xoxo -bebt&b